Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lord is my Helper

God is not bound by your feelings but is bound by His Word! He will always stay true to His Promises, He is bound by them! Hebrews 13:6 says “We can be sure when we say “I will not be afraid, because the Lord is my helper”. What an amazing scripture, something we can be totally sure of. Helper in the Greek is boethos : boe which means a cry for help and theo meaning to run. One who comes running when we cry for help. This little word describes our God as poised and ready to rush to our relief when we cry out for His help!!!! I love that!!! That’s our Lord, our Savoir. Waiting for our cry so that He can rush over and be our help! A very present help in trouble! How often do we not cry out to God and just try to ‘make it’ on our own. I know that I can sit and worry and fret – making the problem bigger and bigger in my mind until I have this monster of my imagination! Instead – I should cry out to the Loving Father who waits for my cry so that He can rush to my side… My help, my strength, my salvation!

Recently I was listening to a speaker who used the scripture we are all so familiar with “faith comes from hearing the Word of God” but fear comes from hearing those worries, those anxious thoughts, those lies, playing over and over in your head! Instead of letting the enemy mess with your mind we can boldly and loudly say “I will not be afraid because the Lord is my helper” and let that confidence well up in our spirits. Know with assurance that He will be right there, helping you, beside you, and you have no need to be afraid!

Psalm 46