Friday, July 24, 2009

I Double Dare You

Isn’t it funny how sometimes transition seems to become a way of life and not just a moment when you move from one season into the next! That really is how life has felt like for the longest time. We always seem to be moving, changing, transitioning. I have always said that I love change but I think that perhaps I love change when I am the one in control of where we are going and what we are doing next. So often I have said “Oh – I’d love to move house, move cities, move countries, Lord – we’ll go ANYWHERE!!!” Right now I feel like an expectant mother waiting for the birth of her baby, I don’t know when it is going to happen or what it is going to be just that it IS coming! I’m feeling uncomfortable, am not enjoying the waiting (even a little whiny!) I KNOW God is about to do something new, I know whatever it is it will be great because I trust Him – ever been there?? Did you ever feel like God was saying just take a step, but you weren’t too sure and because you couldn’t see what you were stepping into were worried that He was saying “JUMP!”?

Only the other day I was reading about Peter stepping out of the boat (Matt 14:22-33) when I realized that Jesus dared Peter to step out in the middle of a storm. He didn’t wait until the winds had died down, until it was all peaceful outside but when all the elements were raging about them and the rain was thrashing down! Peter dared and Peter walked on water! I think perhaps I can dare and I can walk on water too and as long as I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus there won’t be a chance of sinking! I’m pretty sure if I “JUMP” He will catch me. I’m not going to wait for the peace to come or even the “right moment”, I’m going to do it when He says GO!

On Father’s Day Hannah made her Daddy a card and on it she wrote that her Daddy was ‘daring’. The same day when Anthony gave his Dad a gift it was a bottle of aftershave called….. wait for it….. “DARE”!! Wow – a Double Dare. For the last month I have heard the Lord say “Take a risk”, I Double Dare You, JUMP!!!!!” I know it’s gonna be good, stupendous, breathtaking, magical, like bungee jumping! Problem is you have to jump first – trust. When the moment comes I AM going to do it, I AM going to dare and I AM going to step into the new thing that God has for us. Would you JUMP if He told you to? Would you take a risk and walk on water? I think you should, I think it would be fun!

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