Tuesday, April 6, 2010

God in a Box?

Try and picture it for a minute – God in a Box, now try and picture it again without laughing!! The King of Kings, the Great I AM, the Creator of the Universe, the one who hung the stars in the sky and created you – in a Box? Totally absurd. The problem is as His children we try to put God in a Box all the time, now it’s no longer funny.

Recently I have noticed that we put God in a Box regarding our finances. The phrase that comes out so often is “No, we can’t afford it.” Even when it is something so important – “We can’t afford it.” As soon as those words have come out of your mouth the subject is dismissed and whatever you “couldn’t afford” is never done and not thought of again!!!! What happened to “For nothing is impossible with God”? I prefer the phrase “How can we make it happen?” As soon as you say that phrase the lid of the box flips open, your mind starts working and God starts talking! What a partnership – God instructing and you listening and of course doing!!! That’s the way to make those mountains move!

Let’s stop putting God in a box (and ourselves at the same time) and change the way we think. Let’s become doers and not grumblers, “I can’t, it’s impossible, we can’t afford it” and start saying “How? How Lord shall we make this happen, what can we do to help?” Let’s take a few risks, a couple of chances, have some faith. You never know – it may surprise you what happens when He jumps out of that box!!!

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